Here's some of the work that makes Anne's record something that we're proud of.

Sexual assault survivors' bill of rights

This legislation helped survivors of rape and sexual assault in preserving evidence of the crime committed against them by extending the statute of limitations from six months to fifteen years. Annes record on sexual harassment and assault and her work in the Women's Caucus are not only about helping victims, but holding those who commit these crimes accountable, not just paying the issue lip service. 

Lyme disease insurance accountability

Anne filed legislation that guaranteed that an insurance company would have to fulfill their long-term obligations to treating victims of Lyme disease. Symptoms for this disease can persist after six months of treatment, and Anne wanted to make sure that insurance companies were being held accountable to fully help those that they insured. 

Veteran-to-veteran mediation

With a commitment to the men and women who serve in our military, Anne helped launch the Veteran-to-Veteran Mediation Program. Anne believes that veterans are best counseled by their peers, and this program allows veterans to help in the mediation of their colleagues.

environmental bond bill

As a chair of the Environment Committee, Anne is concerned with the laws that we are passing to protect our environment. In the last Environmental Bond Bill, Anne was able to help fund environmental programs that make a real difference in the preservation of Massachusetts' natural resources for both sportsmen and citizens. 


Farm to school initiative

Supporting agriculture and local business are some of the most important issues for Anne. That is why she worked to expand the Farm-to-School initiative, which connects local farmers with schools, providing local, fresh ingredients to feed our children.