Anne believes in substantive ideas, not generalities and political talking points.

Here is what we're the most excited to get to work on in 2018.

Opioid Crisis

Experience has taught Anne one thing: there are no "silver bullets" to the big problems. The opioid crisis will not be solved by either a single bill, a single government, or a single person; it will take team work in the legislature, innovation from the private sector, and cooperation with our police and first responders. We know one person can't solve the issue, but this crisis can be solved by trying to help people, even if its one hundred, one dozen, or one at a time.    


Tele-medicine is one of the most exciting new developments in the medical technology world. Not only does it help doctors connect with doctors, but it increases patients access to healthcare. Anne has been on the fore-front of tele-medicine, and will continue to advocate for its common sense and cost effective advantages. 

East-West Rail

Anne joins her colleague Senator Eric Lesser in support of the East-West Rail. The high-speed rail from Springfield to Boston would not only serve as an economic boon for central Massachusetts, but it creates regional equity, opening the door to the economic opportunities that are in our more populated areas for residents of central Massachusetts. 

Unfunded mandates in school

Anne is strongly committed to make sure that we are not issuing unfunded mandates for our schools.  She is in favor of authorizing the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to conduct analyses of state laws, regulations, and directives that directly impact public schools in Massachusetts. The analysis should include the cost of each action on both school districts and employees, and impacts on classroom learning and students’ overall learning. 

Focus on bringing clean, reliable water as not only a matter of public health, but economic development. 

Clean water Infastructure

Promoting small business

Anne has continually worked in the past to connect local businesses to the community. A strong local economy is the key to prosperity, and Anne will continue in this endeavor. 

Anne knows how important public safety is, and she will continue to support our police, firefighters, and EMT's. Additionally, Anne is aggressively working to improve the registry and oversight of sexual offenders in Massachusetts.

Public safety